Thursday, April 05, 2007

Episode 51: Podcasting the Next Frontier

Episode 51 is a complete video recording of D.Lee Beard's presentation, "Podcasting the Next Frontier", at the SEOCATS Spring
Conference in March 2007.

In this video, D.Lee explains what podcasting is by comparing podcasting with magazine subscriptions (as opposed to books).

He spends a great deal of time explaining how podcasting can enhance education, increase enrollment and involvement.

He also points out the similarities between the television revolution in the 1950's and the current podcasting revolution. Podcasting is often compared to TV the same way TV was compared to movies in the 1950's (e.g., poorer quality, smaller screen, etc...).

At the end of the presentation, he answers many attendees questions. Have a comment or question of your own, send him an e-mail at:

(52min 27sec)

This instructional video podcast is available in the MP4 iPod Video compatible format & in a higher quality H.264 format for viewing on a computer (requires QuickTime 7 Player installed).

Hosts: D.Lee Beard

Episode 51: Podcasting the Next Frontier