Thursday, December 08, 2005

Episode 11: SnapzProX Video Capture Software

In this episode, SnapzProX video screen caputre software is reviewed and demonstrated. With this powerful software, you can create movie files of anything you can view on your computer screen!

This video podcast ("vodcast"), available in mp4 format, is also available in a higher quality H.264 fromat (requires QuickTime 7 Player installed) via download from our web site at:

Host: D.Lee Beard

Click here to view Episode 11: SnapzProX Video Capture Software

1 comment:

argonex said...

Excellent Show!!

I was watching in my bed and right away a started to think about creating my own videotraining for my windowsfriends,which I have to explain every time how ad-aware and spybot works.. Now I can just send the link.