Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Episode 66: "Second LIfe" Orientation & Introduction 1-Hour Special

Chris Keesey of Ohio University joins host D.Lee Beard in explaining the popular online 3-D world known as Second Life.

They explain what Second Life is, some of the basic terminology, how to get onto Second Life, what is in Second Life that makes it special (including a visit to Babylon 5), how to move around and navigate within this 3-D world, how to communicate with others, and more as they walk you through a personalized demo of Second Life.

There was so much to cover that the techies made this a bonus 1 Hour long special!

Join D.Lee Beard and Chris Keesey in Second Life for a special Second Life LIVE EVENT Friday, January 25th at 1pm Eastern Time (USA) on the Ohio University Second Life Campus Auditorium D.Lee and Chris will be answering LIVE viewer questions about Second Life and technology in general.

Go to for a quick link to this Ohio University Second Life event location.

Episode 66: "Second LIfe" Orientation & Introduction 1-Hour Special

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