Friday, April 11, 2008

Episode 73: Jawbone and Google Astronomy

Tim Welsh joins D.Lee Beard to present a review of the Jawbone Bluetooth wireless cellphone earpiece/microphone. Can the Jawbone's noise cancellation feature block your obnoxious friend yelling right next to you? How comfortable is the Jawbone?

The Techies also explore the universe with Google's new online Google Sky feature as well as Google Mars and Moon. And as usual, viewer questions are answered as well. Send the Techies your viewer questions at

Episode 73: Jawbone and Google Astronomy


carlsavage041968 said...

How come Tim Welsh leaves for a year and comes back, what happened. Where did he go? He's such a natural: informative, funny and has a good hosting style that counters D.Lee well can you please keep him around?

D.Lee Beard said...

Thanks for your kind comments about Tim. You will be pleased to know that you will be able to see more of Tim on Ask the Techies in the coming month.

Tim is working on a college degree in Education and so he is not always available to volunteer his time to work on Ask the Techies.