Monday, May 19, 2008

Ep. 75: Firefox 3, Word Grammar, Mac OS X desktop/screensaver, RAID, synch Mac and PC

D.Lee Beard presents a demo and review of Firefox 3 beta. Tim Welsh explains how to take control of MS Word's grammar features by customizing what it checks or doesn't check for. Viewer questions are answered on how to change the Mac OS X desktop pictures, how to change the Mac OS X screensaver images, to RAID or not to RAID, and how to automatically synch files between a Mac and Windows PC. (36 min. 33 sec.)
Firefox 3, Word Grammar, Mac OS X desktop/screensaver, RAID, synch Mac and PC


james said...

D.Lee you had mentioned you do not like the huge back arrow button in Firefox 3. Me neither. Here's how to change it. Go to View - Toolbars - Customize... at the bottom of the menu check the box use small icons.
Cheers, J.

Brandon Jackson said...

Thanks for that tip. I love Firefox 3 myself as well. The problem is, as the video states, not all plugins will work with it yet and as a web designer, my web development plugin won't work with Firefox 3 and that is a huge loss to me.

I still have Firefox 3 installed in a "testing" folder and find myself using it a lot. Thanks for that tip.

Victor said...

With reguards to syncing between Mac OSX and Windows computers. I have found Microsoft Live Mesh to be a very good solution. Currently in Beta testing it has support for all windows os's, Mac OSX, and Windows Mobile. It allows for syncing between many operating systems and the cloud. They also incorperate a web interface for interacting with your data within the cloud.

Daniel said...

PicLens is now CoolIris.