Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Flipcam Mino HD Review

Is the Flipcam portable video recorder going to meet your needs? D.Lee Beard presents a review of the Flipcam Mino HD digital video recorder. Included in the review are ease of use, storage capacity, audio quality, video quality, user interface, and whether it is a good choice for lecture, interview, and/or field video recording.
Flipcam Mino HD Review


CAZZIE said...

I just purchased the New Kodak Zi8 and I think this is great the video quality is excellent in 1080p. The still pictures are still a little poor quality at 5 mega pixel. It is very easy to use and it even comes with a HDMI cable to use with your TV. The only draw back is on some computers you may need to get a usb extension cable to fit the built in Kodak dongle on the usb may be difficult.

D.Lee Beard said...

Great feedback. I am hoping to get one of those Kodaks and if so, I will review on the show.