Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How to Download & Convert Videos: Ep. 133

In this video, D.Lee Beard demonstrates how to convert various video files into more standard formats that can be played on portable devices and the AppleTV (including .flv, .ogg, .wmv, and .mp4).

He also shows how to download streaming flash videos off of the web.

Software reviewd includes Miro Video Converter, RealPlayer Downloader/Converter, and Handbrake. (10min 47sec).

Click Here to Play Episode 133


Scott said...

Do you have the links for the applications mentioned in the video?

D.Lee Beard said...

Scott, you can find links to this programs on our main web site at:

For any episode you are interested in you can just change the URL to episode###.html (where you insert the episode number where the ### are).