Friday, November 09, 2007

Episode 60: Parallels 3 Review: Windows Apps on a Mac - Now Easier!

D.Lee Beard and Brandon Jackson demonstrate some of the more powerful features of Parallels version 3 such as "Coherence" which allows you to run Microsoft Windows applications along side your Mac applications without having to view a Windows desktop. (24min 44sec)

Hosts: D.Lee Beard, Brandon Jackson
Camerawork: Cody Moore, D.Lee Beard

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NEXT WEEK: Photoshop background blurring tip, Mac OS X.5 Leopard: a first looks review, how to erase and format CDs and hard drives on a Mac, plus how to resize a partition using Apple's Disk Utility.

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Episode 60: Parallels 3 Review: Windows Apps on a Mac - Now Easier!


Allen said...

Excellent demo on a few of the fetures of Parallels. I would like to see more on the installation and configuration side of things. I am not a Mac user but would like to set it up on a windows PC and run Linux as the other operating system. Does parallels for windows offer the same features of being able to drag files across from the windows desktop into the Linux desktop as it does betwween Mac and Windows.

MikeG said...

I have a brand new Mac Pro with the RAID card installed and had problems installing virtual machines. When using an external Firewire 800 drive, I had no problems. Has anyone else had this problem?

Other than that, I use Parallels whenever I need to use Windows. This has enabled me to get rid of several other computers and just use this one! My wife is much happier now too!

craig said...

I really liked this podcast. I'm really considering my next computer to be the iMAC like you guys are using there & use Parallels with it to use it for my photo editing & cross-platform computer. I have mostly used Windows XP & played around with various distros of Linux but never had a MAC before to experiment with & would like to try using an iMAC & have Leopard installed & use Parallels to install XP & Ubuntu on it as well so I can try out the new 3-d desktop features it offers with Beryl. Would you please try that out & demonstrate how to switch between the three OS's?

Sean said...

I used parallels before. Its not a bad program to run windows. I tryed it on my intel imac 20 inch model.
I have a belkin wireless g router connected to my intel imac. When I am in windows I cant get printing to work I have read my router firewall is preventing me from printing to work. Does anyone know how to fix this problem ? It a nat firewall on my router.

D.Lee Beard said...


We won't probably do a video on Parallels running Linux on Windows as we do not see enough demand for such a topic as most Linux users won't touch Micro$oft Windoze except as an exception. I may get shot for this, but unless you are a scientist, there is not usually anything that valuable that can run only on Linux where there isn't a usable Windows alternative.

If one is just wanting to sample out Linux, you can partition your hard drive or install another one in a tower and make a dual boot machine.


D.Lee Beard said...

To Craig:

You should be able to install Windows and Linux very easily with Parallels. You can keep both up and running at the same time (if you have enough RAM).

if using the new Mac OS "Leopard" know that you need to install a Parallels update for it to work.

I love the 3-D spinning desktops you find in Linux. It really blows away the Mac OS X.5 Leopard spaces feature.


Rev William Burk said...

I believe many people would like a "virtual classroom" or your entire college course curriculum. A Volunteer or TA could video capture the entire class time and later edit out the uninformative portions.

Many post graduates have gaps in knowledge and lack of technical expertise that later becomes important in their lives to make up in a time efficient manner.

Grace, Blessings and Love Always in God and Jesus Christ,

watuzi said...

Incredible show about Parallels. My question is how do I learn about those programs using Windows hardware? I can't afford a Mac right now at the moment. Or is there a Windows software equivalent to Parallels? Maybe I can install Leopard on my Windows machine, just the opporsite of your show.Keep up the good work. Thanks.

D.Lee Beard said...


There is a version of Parallels for Windows, but it only allows for running other versions of Windows and also Linux. The Mac OS cannot be supported because of restrictions from Apple Inc.

Many have criticized Apple for this "strategy" and believe that this long held restriction from Apple is what has limited their user base.

I seem to recall a hack someone had done to get the Mac OS X to run on a PC tower, but I am sure such a hack breaks copyright laws.