Thursday, January 31, 2008

Episode 68: How to Create an Animated Gif

Photoshop wizard, Brandon Jackson, explains how to create an animated gif from your images and from video. More specifically, he explains how to limit the number of times/cycles your gif animates, how to specify the duration of each specific frame in your animation, and how to automatically add in between images - tweening.
Animated gifs are a great way to express information in place of just a single image and even works on older computers and web browsers (unlike Flash).

Episode 68: How to Create an Animated Gif


adrien said...

WAW! nice!
very clear!
but how can I use my new .gif in messenger?

Brandon Jackson said...

Hmm, that all depends on what messenger you are using. If using iChat you can simply take that .gif file you've saved and drag it into your messenger icon (I assume you meant as an icon). This will update to the new image.

Remember that the size of messenger icons are pretty small and squared, so you need to make sure you create it to be the same...resize to make 50x50 (it should downscale but this cuts down on file size).