Thursday, June 24, 2010

Speech Recognition on Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone: Ep. 132

D.Lee Beard reviews and demonstrates the software options for speech recognition where you can stop typing and let the computer type what you say. Nuance speech recognition software MacSpeech for computers and Dragon Dictate for mobile devices like the iPad are review and demonstrated. (13 min. 6 seconds)

Click Here to Play Episode 132


cetude said...

Amazing program; fortunately I can type as fast as I speak, so it's a lot less work for me to just type. However, if I'm rewriting something (e.g., I lost the previous text file), I can see how this can save work since documents 100 plus pages. I really appreciate you posting this.

Andrew said...

I'm commenting on your video download/convert episode, however, the comment link keeps bringing me here. So, I just wanted to say that most .flv files can be converted to MP4 (or M4v (same thing)) just by changing the file extension. Also, this works the other way around. After making a M4v or Mp4 in a program such as iMovie, or converting a file with handbrake, the result M4v (or MP4) can be changed to .flv by simply renaming it. This is quite handy when hosting videos on a website. Great show by the way.