Friday, October 05, 2007

Episode 56: iMovie, Part I

In this two part video, D.Lee Beard explains how to use iMovie 06 (iMovie HD).

He explains how to import video, how to arrage, and reaarange clips. D.Lee also shows you how delete unwanted portions of video you imported.

Did you know you could make an entire movie out of just photos? D.Lee shows you how including using such features as the Ken Burns effect.

Since no movie is complete without audio (even silent movies had music being played live in the theater), D.Lee shows you how to import multiple audio files and sound effects into iMovie as well as how to edit their volume levels. (27min 23sec)

NEXT WEEK: Part II on iMovie, with advanced features.

Host: D.Lee Beard

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Episode 56: iMovie, Part I

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