Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Episode 58: Questions from the Podcast and New Media Expo

Brandon Jackson joins D.Lee Beard to discuss his trip to the 2007 Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California. While there, D.Lee videotaped some viewer questions on removing pops and clicks in audio, video editing Linux, and are cookies safe for your computer to eat? D.Lee and Brandon answer these questions and also share some of their experiences in american airports. (24min 53sec)

Hosts: D.Lee Beard, Brandon Jackson
Camerawork: Cody Moore, D.Lee Beard

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NEXT WEEK: Glossy iMac 2007 review and gobs of your viewer questions.
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Episode 58: Questions from the Podcast and New Media Expo


D.Lee Beard said...

One more tip on video editing on Linux: Kino Video Editor is another option, but you will have to use the "dvgrab" software to import the video into Linux from a camcorder (there is a link on the Kino web site).


watuzi said...

Your podcast is amazing. I learn new stuff every time. I hate Macs though, cause I don't own one and they're overpriced.

Brandon Jackson said...

I agree they are very costly but I really feel I get the most bang for my buck with my MacBook Pro.

There are always options of refurbished Macs for those who can't afford a new one. I believe Apple (whose customer service has been great for me) gives a 1 year warranty with anything refurbished you purchase.

At any rate, we try to incorporate a little bit of everything so people who feel the same can continue enjoying us. Thanks for the good words :)

Anonymous said...

D. Lee,

Great show! Thanks for being at the Expo. Hope you can make it next year as well.


Tim Bourquin, Founder
Podcast and New Media Expo

cabraroja said...

hi guys. good show. I did a search and found a good open source website at www.osalt.com and it mentions Linux NLEs Kino(that you mentioned) and another called Cinelerra. The screenshots look great but I have no access to Linux. Maybe someday I'll feel confident to do away with Mac OS. But for now thought I would just share.