Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Episode 57: iMovie HD '06, Part II

In part 2, D.Lee Beard continues to explain how to use iMovie 06 (iMovie HD).

D.Lee explores the "Editing" tab to demonstrate how to add titles, themes, video effects, audio effects, transitions between video clips or photos, and apply "Themes" as another type of title effect to your video. He also explains how to add "Chapter" markers for longer videos burned to DVD, or exported for iPod, so that one can skip a section of the video the same way one skips sections on a professional DVD. Speaking of DVDs and iPods, D.Lee explains how to burn your video to a DVD disk that can play in a TV DVD player using iDVD, how to export your video as a QuickTime movie that can be played on an iPod (or not), and how to even export it to videotape.

Stick around to the end and you'll see a short (and very silly) video that was edited entirely in iMovie 06. Hopefully this will inspire you to see what you can do with even simple editing techniques. It is a tribute to the Monty Python "dead parrot" skit although we use a "dead computer" being brought into the local "Geniuis Counter" at the local computer store. Smiles everyone! (29min 35sec)

Host: D.Lee Beard

NEXT WEEK: Questions from attendees at the Podcast and New Media Expo in California!

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Episode 57: iMovie HD '06, Part II


D.Lee Beard said...

D.Lee Beard here. The silly video at the end hopefully gave you a laugh. It is not the most thought out project. I'd love to see videos that our viewers have created.

If any of you have some nice creations you like to share, please send me the link at askthetechies@gmail.com

And let me know if we can showcase them on a future episode of Ask the Techies!

D.Lee Beard said...

One more note on the silly video. It was all edited in iMovie 06 except for the "foot" bit at the end and everything after the foot such as credits. The foot and credits were done in Final Cut Pro.

Jose said...

Yeah, the movie was funny and it was a good example of what you can do with iMovie. Thank you for that tutorial.

I wonder if you could make a tutorial about garageband??? the ones that I've found in internet are more focused on importing and creating music but I'd like to learn more about how to edit videos (iMovie doesn't give you many options to include music on them) and about podcasting. It would be great if could do something like you did with iMovie.