Friday, March 12, 2010

Mac vs. PC: Navigating Multiple Windows Ep.120

D.Lee Beard compares finding specific document windows when you have way too many open using the dock feature on Mac OS X and the task bar feature in Windows 7.

Which is more intuitive or useful at navigating multiple open windows? You get to decide by voting at (2min. 36sec).

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D.Lee Beard said...

Personally, I think Windows 7 wins out here. The rollover with fast response for a larger icon version is better. I also don't like how I have to click and hold to get the same feature with just a click in Windows 7.

Andrew said...

I know this feature isn't available to anyone not using a modern MacBook or MacBook Pro, but the 4 finger gesture swipes are very convenient navigation tools. Swipe up, and the desktop is revealed, swipe down and you see the same view as if you long click on an icon in the dock, and left and right does the same as a cmd-tab combo. The mobile multitouch functionality is superior when comparing laptops. By the way, I love the show.

Andries said...

There is an easier way on Mac OSX. If you have a mouse with a scroll Wheel. Just hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out. The zoom is to where your pointer is. Really quick and easy.

D.Lee Beard said...

That is one thing I like about the Mac ...there is usually more than one way to do something making it more user friendly depending on your "style"