Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mac vs. Windows - Changing Icon Sizes: Ep. 122

In this episode D.Lee explains how to change the size of icons and the text under icons in Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7. (4min 15 sec).

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Click Here to Play Episode 122


blogJE said...

Suprised to see nobody commented yet.
From a 22 year periode of Windows I switched 2,5 year ago ... to Mac. You could say I have almost become a Windows-hater.
Why? Because of the many, many examples like this one in which OSX is so much more userfriendly.

MadWolf said...
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MadWolf said...

in the video it looked like on the mac he was changing the Pictures folder icon in windows xp i do not know a bout win7 you right click on the folder and then the click properties and then click the customize tab and then click choose picture or change icon
choose picture only works if Explorer is set to thumbnail view there is a third party software that makes changing folder icons easier Folderico